Fake Nike Shoes – How To Spot A Fake Nike

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Avoiding counterfeit shoes online is becoming much harder as more and more sites look to sell you poor versions of the kicks you’re after. We have already created a post on how to spot a fake supra shoe and today we will give you an idea on what to look for when buying Nike Hightops, don’t get caught out with these cheap shoes, check for the following signs before you purchase. Also, there are people claiming these kicks are “just as good” etc – FALSE!! They are painful to wear, they look terrible up close and they fall apart after a few weeks. See our video of a pair fake Supra shoes we bought to test right here.

  • Consider the price and the source – If you are getting a great deal on brand new Nike shoes, chances are it may be too good to be true. If the great deal comes from a private person or site offering multiple pairs of inexpensive shoes, the shoes are likely not authentic. New kicks for half the normal price is just not the world we live unfortunately.
fake nike shoes
  • Real Nike Shoes will come with the laces in a clear plastic bag that has Nike “model” in black on it. The print will be smooth, the fakes will look and feel as if it was painted on. The bag will also have a hole above the bag seal and not under.
fake nike shoes
  • The Nike “swoosh” and the “R” for registered trademark, should be the same height when looking down from standing up. The “R” should have a three dimensional effect. In fakes, the trademark “R” is lower than the logo. There is no three dimensional effect.
fake nike shoes
fake nike shoes
  • Keep an eye out for inconsistency throughout the shoe, you will might notice overlapping of colors, bad stitching, etc etc. The list is endless and don’t be annoyed with yourself should you get caught out, a lot of sites will use different pictures to the actual shoes they are selling. Below we have an image of both a legit Nike SB sneaker and a FAKE – see the difference?? If you are ever unsure of  a sites credibility just leave a comment below and the itsNOTFORgirls Team will happy to help you out.
fake nike shoes
fake nike shoes

Let us know if you have been caught out, name and shame the site below to help out other buyers. Sign up to our RSS feed to catch more posts like this, in our next post we will point out how you can avoid buying fake Radii shoes. Also for real advice on the best kicks available as well as what you should wear with them, see our Sneaker Guide For 2011.

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