Buying and Selling Men’s Vintage Clothes

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Men’s vintage clothing is a growing trend; fuelled by formidable beards and hipster hair, the male fashion world is slowly being taken over by classic looks and trends from past decades. But as much as the male hipster community is growing, the vintage offering still seems pretty fresh and infantile compared to women’s fashion. The reason perhaps, is that men’s clothing requires very precise fitting. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully buy or sell vintage items online; you just need the know-how. Here is a guide to both buying and selling vintage items online.

Buying Men’s Vintage Clothing Online: Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask – don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about an item. Most vintage sellers know their products well and will be able to tell you all about fabric quality and decade.
  • Measure yourself – never buy without checking your own measurements. These are important especially with clothing labelled with Small, Medium or Large; sizing for men has changed dramatically over the decades so you can’t rely on buying the same size as you would on the high street.
  • Check condition – all good vintage sellers will detail the condition of the item and mention whether it has any odours, rips or tears.
  • Buy well photographed items – the only way you can see the condition of a vintage piece of clothing is to hold it up to the light. Buying online is different so be sure to buy from someone with good photography. Natural lighting is important; anything shot in dim lighting can be very misleading to the eye.

Selling Men’s Vintage Clothing Online: Tips 

  • Use ASOS Marketplace – unfortunately the world of Etsy is very much female focused so if you’re trying to sell men’s vintage clothing, you’ll struggle. But ASOS Marketplace has become on the biggest communities for men’s indie brands and men’s vintage, and you can set up a store front for free.
  • Use reseller platforms – sign up to Big Cartel, Squarespace or Supa Dupa to take advantage of a hybrid of selling platforms.
  • Provide clear measurements – unlike women’s vintage fashion, the oversized / boyfriend style doesn’t work with us men. If you are selling a vintage piece online, make sure you provide all the available measurements to encourage people to buy.  It’s also helpful to provide a little personal snippet of how the item fits on you and what type of build it would be suitable for as measurements aren’t unambiguous.
  • The decade is important – the male vintage shopper usually has discerning taste and will know his decades. So be sure to research the items you’re selling and promote it based on its year of production.
  • Offer delivery options – offer a range of delivery options and use a courier such as TNT so you can deliver worldwide.
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