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No longer reserved for the Parisian flanuer or celebrities like Johnny Depp, men are strapping on wristbands for that new mens urban look. Taking on an organic look, this new hardware is fashioned in leather cuffs, nylon lanyards and woven friendship bracelets. For those who have eschewed the heavy metal watchband, this style wristband has been readily accepted and donned by the mainstream from New York to California. Its popularity stems from the versatility of look each wristband defines. These wristbands suit a range of style, from rock and roll, conservative preppy to buccaneer. And the starter bracelet mindset doesn’t last long. Men are piling them on in layers, sometimes up to five inches to decorate the arm. This trend is the farewell to Livestrong and Rolex! Check out some of the best examples below:

Leather is the most rugged look and suggests an air of confidence to one’s style. And black leather adds edginess combined with ruggedness. Inspired by Elvis Presley and Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, the black leather wristband takes on the look of rock and roll. A popular style today among celebrities and rockers is to pair up a black leather wristband with a gunmetal black bracelet. This cool style certainly reflects an inner strength of spirit. It is a style for the confident man who’s not afraid of going out on a fashion limb.

While the latest vibe on the streets of NYC is who has the best-dressed wrists, the styles by Burkman Brothers have taken center stage. These Nantucket surfer style lanyards have made it to the front page of GQ. Also, these woven bracelets were recently sported by Kanye West at Coachella this year. With its nautical knots and candy land colors, men have given this look a stamp of approval, and are donning layers of wristbands on both arms. When both celebrities and retailers give their imprimatur, a trend is born. Mainstream approval will keep this style alive.

While many think the fashion industry has taken its cue from the Olsen sisters, woven friendships wristbands have taken a place in men’s jewelry. Many male fashionistas are combining woven friendship wristbands with leather wristbands from Tiffany and Cartier, creating almost a gladiator look. Whoever would have thought that the woven friendship bracelets of the 1960s would emerge in today’s world of the BFF? Well, this is fashion, and anything can happen.

Even though the organic look is popular in men’s wristbands, some new metals have emerged and have carved out their own trend in men’s wristbands. Titanium and tungsten carbide have created a toned down look of metals, which make them more appealing to men. With its lackluster, the metals affirm the masculine prowess. Also, both metals are durable and lightweight which make them ideal for crafting. Usually, these metals are featured as a decorative piece on top of a leather wristband. Crafted in a three-dimensional motif, they often sport a tribal design.

With so many styles available to adorn men’s fashion, the urban wristband will continue to make a fashion statement among the fashion conscious.

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