How To Wear Shorts For Men – The Complete Guide

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Summer is here! No really, it is. Seriously, no joke. Look out your window if you don’t believe me. See that handsome dude with the blue shorts on? Yeah? He’s not handsome you say? Why not? He’s scary looking? Is it something to do with the socks and sandals he’s wearing with the shorts? YES IT IS!

Now imagine that’s you. Imagine you’re out and about, strutting your stuff thinking your God’s gift to summer. Then imagine that up above in the buildings around there are people looking out of windows and laughing at you! Not to mention the people who are stepping around you quickly thinking you’ve caught the FAIL disease.

To avoid this and wear shorts like a boss, follow these simple instructions:

Nay to socks and shoes

Summer fashion just doesn’t need it or want it anymore what with the abundance of cool footwear out there that will compliment a naked foot while wearing shorts. It’s stuffy and most of all it doesn’t look good.

Mens Shorts with Socks and Shoes

Mens Shorts – Terrible Look !!

No, Just no.

Nay to Board Shorts

Avoid like the plague unless you want to dance around like a crab looking like MC Hammer. There are loads of cool shorts out there just dying to be worn. Why do this to them and to you?

Mens Boardies

Mens Shorts – Only for the Beach

Yay to Khaki shorts

Go for it or if you don’t like khaki go for a different colour that suits you. Mid-thigh to mid-knee is the standard and these shorts always go well with a cool t-shirt or button down shirt.

Nay to Jeans shorts or Cut off shorts

No, just no. You’re not Huckleberry Finn and if you think you are then you might just be banished to the ocean on your raft for crimes against fashion.

Mens Shorts Jeans

The Sailor Look

Nay to Pleated shorts

You’ve got to be kidding. I wouldn’t even like to see my grandfather wearing these on the golf course. The only way you’d get away with it would be to paint your face blue and white and pretend you’ve been cast in the new Braveheart movie.

Mens Pleated Shorts

AAHH Simply Awful

Nay to Gym shorts

Uh-Oh. Even if you do have the sexiest physique in the world and legs that look as though they’ve been carved by Michelangelo you will still come across as an uptight beefcake. Cool is the name of the game.

Yay to spending your money on trendy shorts

After saying nay to almost everything above I suppose I should say what you should be wearing instead of what you shouldn’t be wearing. Any of the fashionable brands will have cool shorts in their summer collections. Cargo shorts and capris made by Nice Collective look the part but if they’re a little on the expensive side you could always try Banana Republic while my vote goes to G-Star who always pull it out of the bag during the summer.

Here is a selection of mens shorts that may suit you this summer:

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