Radii Hightops Sneaker Guide 2011

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1. Straight Jacket in Purple Suede

Description: These are one of the most popular models from Radii, although purple was a color more in fashion a year ago, they remain one of the most popular pairs from one the coolest sneaker brands on the planet. The straight Jackets feature three straps, a side zipper and this model in particular is purple suede.

COST: $120 (€88)

WHERE: Radii Footwear (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear: These black resin coated 506 straight leg jeans by Levi’s will be the perfect fit and colour to match the shape and style of the Radii Straight Jacket.What Not To Wear: Avoid skinny jeans as the shoe silhouette is a little too chunky and don’t try to match them with purple jeans, your friends will thank you.

Radii Sneaker Noble Black Perf

2. Radii Noble Black Perf

Description: The Noble is a modest hightop leaving aside the usual Radii eye-catching straps, colours and add-ons, it simply does not need the gimmicks to prove itself as a worthy high-top. The super-high cut silhouette features breathable perforated leather throughout most of the upper with smooth leather constructing the heel panels. An over-sized tongue makes it easy for those who like to “stick em out” be able to do so while wearing jeans and a hidden lacing system leaves the upper with a sleek finish.

COST: $89.99 (€66)

WHERE: CLskate (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear:These Radii hightops look best with a light pair of jeans that will melt into the shoe. We recommend you pick up a pair of Chad Muska (pro-skater) jean in bleached black denim by KR3W for a ultra cool look from two of the sickest brands out there.What Not To Wear: These Radii hightops almost go with anything (almost) but as we say with tall hightops, avoid baggy jeans and the color black with these.

Radii Sneakers Straight Jacket Army Black/Gold

3. Radii Straight Jacket in Army/Black/Gold

Description: We are back on the Straight Jackets again only this time we have the army green, black and gold pair. These hit popularity when seen on Jaaaaason Deruuuuulo (http://www.itsnotforgirls.com/radii-footwear/) (you have to sing his name) at one of his concerts last year. The shoes feature action leather, fully functional straps over the laces with Radii metal logo detailing. They also come with an extra interchangeable upper strap in a different colour.

COST: $119.99 (€88)

WHERE: CLskate (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: TOO SICK

What to Wear: Here we have the K Slim All Weather Slim Fit Jean in Black Wax from Karmaloop. The Jean will sit just right with the black straps and the slim fit will help show off every part of the hightop. Finish off the complete look with a military style jacket from the Billionaire Boys Club right here.What Not To Wear: Avoid green jeans; you don’t want to look like your growing out of the ground. Match up the dominant color with your shirt or jacket.

Radii Sneakers Noble Blue Black

4. Radii Noble in Blue/Black Perf

Description: The Radii Noble make another listing in our guide, they are that sick. These are for those days black just doesn’t do it for you. We recommend getting both so you can alternate between moods. They are just slightly under their cousins in black as they are a little “blue”.

COST: $89.99 (€66)

WHERE: CLSkate.com (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating:TOO SICK

What to Wear: There are a number of options you could choose to wear with these but we have chosen the Levis 511 Rigid Black Slim Jeans from Asos. They will match up with the heel and laces of the shoe once again the slim fit will allow the tongue to be on show (as it should be).What Not To Wear: It’s probably very obvious to you but stay clear of light blue jeans as the color clash will leave you looking and feeling, well, a bit blue.

Radii Moonwalker Charcoal Suede

5. Radii Moonwalker Charcoal Suede

Description: The Moonwalker in charcoal suede is a high-top sneaker that is part lifestyle shoe, part military-esque boot. It features a streamlined design, combination leather with suede upper and a high ankle strap. The colorway and suede material give this hightop the ability to be worn in a number of different styles.

COST: $109.99 (€80)

WHERE: Sneakerhead (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

What to Wear: The prefect jeans for these are the Nudie black coated skinny fit jeans with a zip fly fastening, a button closure to the waist, three front and two back pockets with signature stitch detailing from My-Wardrobe.What Not To Wear: Keep with skinny or fitted jeans, show of the strap and tongue otherwise you will be disguising its best features. Don’t wear straight cut jeans over the hightop, they need to be tucked into these bad boys.

Radii 420 Top Black

6. Radii Hightops 420 Top in Black

Description:As seen on celebrities such as Jay-Z, the Radii 420 Top has become one of the “must haves” from the Radii collection. The original to the 420 Piped this shoe blows it out of the water, the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” comes to mind.

COST: $94.99 (€70)

WHERE: PickYourShoes (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

What to Wear: We went to Karmaloop for the perfect jeans and decided on the David Jean in Black Denim by Comune (a brand to keep a close eye when looking for jeans). When you find yourself with a dark pair of shoes, look towards either black or grey jeans for a great colorway collaboration.What Not To Wear: We have already recommended NO baggy jeans with certain high-tops, you don’t want to cover up the shoes best features. Keep to grey and black jeans for the best result, don’t stray to far from these colours.

7. Radii Timeless Deluxe in White / Elephant / Turquoise

Description:The timeless deluxe is a bit of a mash up of other Radii designs with the end result being something completely unique. The shoe has a high-top cut with a number of different materials and a large strap across the laces. We have chosen this colorway because the combination of blue, white and black allow this shoe to tie into a number of different looks and with 35% of the current price that’s a fantastic deal.

COST: $54.99 (€40)

WHERE: Sneakerhead (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: SICK

What to Wear: After much discussing in the itsNOTFORgirls office we decided to match these up with a classic looking pair of denim jeans. The Artful Doger Blade Slim Fit from Karmaloop fit the criteria perfectly.What Not To Wear: Avoid dark black jeans (such as black wax) with these, they will clash with the blue strap. It’s the best feature of the hightop so make sure your jeans bring it out.

Radii 420 Piped Black White

8. Radii 420 Piped Black and White

Description:The Radii 420 Piped Black-White is one of the more unique shoes from Radii. The high-top has a thick strap across the top of the tongue followed by three smaller ones that cover up the laces. The black and white colorway that this model boasts will certainly grab you some attention and the low price of the shoe should grab yours!!

COST: $80.00 (€58)

WHERE: Radiifootwear (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: The Mod Jean in Raw Black is made from 100% cotton and features a total of five pockets using a white detail surrounding the back pockets and across the front change pocket. The dark jeans and pocket lines keep in with the overall theme of the shoe without over doing it and looking like a giant barcode.What Not To Wear: The stripped Radii is a hightop that is good with a lot of different styles, but you won’t to be careful about black Jeans and white t-shirts, no one like’s have a zebra as a friend !!

Radii Hightops Ecto 1

9. Radii Ecto-1

Description:The Radii ECTO-1 is a stylish low-cut sneaker that features a large strap that goes across the mid-foot and almost completely covers the laces. This model is without a doubt the best color available, displaying an extremely smart/casual look with its white and grey wool collaboration. A word of warning though, these shoes do not like wet weather.

COST: $64.99 (€47)

WHERE: Sneakerhead (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: These KR3W x Crooks Clan K Slims Jeans,which feature a 4-pocket design will further enhance the smart/casual look, keep the leg bottom rolled up to match the shoes.What Not To Wear: Stay away from loose and baggy jeans when wearing these kicks, don’t confuse the look.

Radii Hamtpon Grey Suede

10. Radii Hampton in Grey/Suede

Description:Radii have released a number of models that suit the more smart/casual look, with the Hampton in grey suede the best. This is a fantastic hightop, allowing you to wear the ultra cool Radii in a more office like environment.

COST: $80 (€58)

WHERE: Radii Footwear (Click Here)

itsNOTFORgirls Rating: UPSET TUMMY

What to Wear: Like the hightop these jeans are smart, grey and slim, the ASOS Zip Hem Slim Jeans will complete the stylish look.What Not To Wear: Stay clear of baggy pants, these are designed for the smart/casual look; loose jeans will just ruin the hightop.

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