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Ever looked in the mirror and said “man, wish I could do something about this schnoz“?  Well gents there indeed may be hope for you after all.  Us average Joe’s need every bit of leverage we can get in terms of appearance and attractiveness when it comes to dating but also when it comes to our professional lives because let’s face it… attractive people have an easier time getting noticed and getting ahead in this world!

Even if it’s simply on a subconscious and unintentional level people tend to gravitate towards others that are more symmetrical and just overall more visually attractive in a broad sense both in personal and professional settings.

Male celebrities with big noses and rhinoplasty

Ok, so maybe you are saying that I am way off base and shouldn’t care what other people think when it comes to appearance.  Ok, to some degree that is fine but let’s be realistic in that if your confidence is lacking due to a large nose, a deviated septum or something else about your nose you would change in a heartbeat then be honest with yourself and come to the conclusion there’s nothing wrong with taking a surgical route to make an enhancement to your facial appearance.

Pictured above you can see some great examples of celebrity men that have rather large noses but to some extent guys like Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody can get away with having schnoz’s like that because it’s essentially their trademark in that that is what separates them from other dudes in Hollywood.  In real life however those benefits don’t really happen for the rest of us so what’s a guy to do?

Let’s lighten things up a bit and add a little humor to the whole nose argument and compare it to some other unpleasant facial features or marks that I would presume most of us would rather not have.  Ala, Austin Powers…

Now, a large or unattractive nose doesn’t quite stack up when compared to some grossly disgusting mole but the point is to other people it can seem overwhelming and it’s the first thing they notice about you.  Meaning they may not appreciate your other facial features because they simply can’t get past your honker as it’s one if not the most prominent features of your face guys!

Maybe not so nice sure but it happens and if we are talking about a first date or first impression for a job interview this could potentially mean the difference between getting a 2nd date or landing that job.  Bottom line is don’t rule out the option and if you are considering it then do your research and see if in the end it might truly be something you could have done that would enhance your confidence and to some extent your outlook on life.

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